Saturday, May 1, 2010

Make A Splash! Challenge 4

This challenge was to use our least favorite cartridge or least used! Well I have to say I have never used Stretch Your Imagination until today and I wasn't really impressed with a lot of the images on it. However, it may be starting to grow on me!

How I am feeling so far:

Man did I stretch my own imagination today!

I have to say I am pretty impressed with myself today! I have been going since about 4:45am, worked a full 8 hours, came home and started the challenges!

I wish I could have done a lot more, but 4 is the best I can do in one day!

I am thankful for sites like the pink stamper because this has maybe been my 10th time using my cricut since I got in November of 2009.

I have had some of the cartridges for awhile now, but never used them!! Today was a first of many! :)

Really starting to like card making.....I think I get better with each and every project.


  1. You are doing wonderful with the challenges!! Thanks so much for playing!


  2. I ditto Robyn's comments. Great job on the challenge and thanks for participating in it!