Monday, November 15, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Already your saying? Well yes if you want your wrapping to look like this come December 25th!

I was unaware that something so simple would take so much time.....but it's worth it in the end right? LOL

This would have been so much faster and easier in design studio or on a gypsy.....

I hope Santa brings me a GYPSY this year for Christmas...or I may bring myself one...they are only $100.00 bucks at Michael's on Black Friday!! *crosses my fingers and toes*

Supplies needed:

Red Wrapping Paper
Black Cardstock
Silver Cardstock

I cut the buttons from Plantain Schoolbook at 1 inch.
The scallop was cut from Plantain Schoolbook at 8 inches on length to fit.
The Belt Buckle was cut from Paper Doll Dress Up at 2 inches (REAL DIAL SIZE MUST BE USED) and 1.5 inches.

Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!